The White Asparagus Seasonal Treat

It’s the time of the year again – The WHITE ASPARAGUS seasonal treat is here and we have some awesome dishes in store for you to indulge in all this month!!

Asparagus has become the widest vegetable cultivation in Bavaria. White asparagus is the same as green asparagus but grown without daylight. Denying the spears daylight as they grow prevents photosynthesis from taking place. The plants are grown in the dark by piling soil on top of the spears as they appear and then cutting them well below the surface with a special knife before they grow through the soil into the daylight.

Preferred in Europe, these sunlight-deprived stalks are a little milder and more delicate. The beginning of April officially opens asparagus season in Bavaria and are made available until the end of June. This tasty and healthy seasonal vegetable is considered a delicatessen in North America and is popular in many other countries, which makes people crave for it whenever the season begins!


Enjoy our ingredients served with Jamon Iberico and Jamon Serrano with Hollandaise Sauce, Hot Asparagus with Baby Potatoes and a heart-warming White Asparagus Soup!

Get them NOW before the season is over and you’d have to wait another year to enjoy these wonderful delights!

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